About KPC

The Kent Pole Championships was originally set up in 2014 to give all of Kent’s pole dancers the chance to compete in a supportive and professional environment.  It started out catering to all levels of pole dancer from Beginners to Advanced performers and Professionals.  After the success of the first event KPC was expanded in 2015 with a larger venue and additional categories for Doubles and Male competitors.

As KPC is first and foremost aimed at showcasing Kent’s pole dancing talent we will always give Kent based polers the first chance at entering KPC before later on opening entry up nationally.

KPC has the following aims:

  • To showcase Kent’s pole schools and performers in a professional, transparent and fun competition.
  • To bring together Kent’s polers so that we can meet each other and make new friends within the pole community.
  • Promote pole as a sport, an art and a fitness activity to the wider community.
  • To allow those that want to to compete for the first time to do so in a friendly, local competition.
  • To use poles recognised as the industry standard.  (KPC was the first regional competition to use a truss system for fixed poles!)
  • To have highly esteemed individuals from the pole community as judges.
  • To use the tried and tested judging system from UKPPC.

The Kent Pole Championships is organised by Kristina Walker of Phases Dance and Fitness Studio.  As a passionate competitor herself she was disappointed by the lack of reputable competitions for those with little competition experience in the south east.  As such the Kent Pole Championships was born.  Following on from the success of KPC Kristina, along with her sister Heather, also organises the UK Pole Doubles Championships which is held in Birmingham and is now in it’s second year.