Competition Background

The Kent Pole Championships (KPC) has been running for three years and is now back for it’s forth event in 2017.  KPC is brought to you by Kristina Walker of Phases Dance and Fitness Studio.  As a former solo competitor herself Kristina found that there were few reputable competitions for Kent’s polers to enter that didn’t involve them travelling for less than two hours to get to.  It was this that lead her to start KPC with the following aims:

  • To showcase Kent’s pole schools and performers in a fun but professional and transparent event.
  • To bring together Kent’s polers so that they may meet each other and make new friends within the pole community.
  • To promote pole as a sport, an art and a fitness activity to the wider community.
  • To allow those who want to to compete for the first time to do so in a friendly, local competition.
  • To allow competitors to compete against those of a similar skill level by creating specific categories- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Men, Doubles and Professional.
  • To allow competitors to perform in front of highly esteemed judges from the pole community.
  • To use a tried and tested judging system known for it’s fairness and transparency.(Many thanks to UKPPC who allow KPC to use their system.)

These are still the aims that we have for KPC today except now we have entrants from all over the UK as well as from all over Kent.  However, we remain true to wanting to showcase Kent’s pole talent by allowing Kent polers the first opportunity to enter before opening any remaining spaces to the rest of the UK.